Introducing Dr. Yael Gold


Hello my name is Dr. Yael Gold. I am a licensed psychologist who has been living and working in Wilmington, NC for the past 22 years. Also, I am proud to have been affiliated with Integrated Therapy Associates (ITA) since its formation 10 years ago and I’m thrilled that we’re starting this blog. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I consider myself to be very fortunate in that I find my work as a psychotherapist to be both extremely fulfilling and endlessly rewarding. In fact I often wonder whether I chose this field or whether it chose me! Day in and day out I am deeply moved by the courage of the clients I serve and by the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit. As the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, I have witnessed firsthand, through my mother, what it means to rise above our own circumstances in order to do good in the world. At age 85, my mother, who is a retired therapist in her own right, continues to find ways to help others. She currently volunteers at a soup kitchen in New York City where she helps to feed those in need of a hot meal.

As for me, I am dedicated to a lifelong process of expanding my knowledge of the factors that promote growth, wholeness, well being, and a sense of meaning in our lives. Likewise, to the extent that we find ourselves facing obstacles based on past experiences, I do my best to help my clients overcome anything that might be blocking them from reaching their full potential. I believe that we’re each a tapestry woven from our experiences across our life time, our unique dispositions, and the ways in which we’ve attempted to make sense of these experiences. I also believe that the true self emerges as we sort through and heal from our past difficulties.

As a therapist and in my new role as a blogger, I am committed to staying engaged in my own growth process throughout my own lifetime. As I’m made aware of new and exciting developments in the field of psychology and beyond, I am passionate about passing them on to my therapy clients as well as to a broader audience, to you the readers of this blog. I hope that my contributions to healing insights are helpful to you wherever you might be on your own personal journey. Here’s to your wellbeing!