Introducing Brenda Knierim, MSW, LCSW


Hello friends! Thank you for visiting our newly formed blog: healing insights. I am Brenda Knierim, one of the clinical social workers (LCSW) at ITA. I have been fortunate to be a part of this wonderful group for the past four years!

Being in private practice has taught me a tremendous amount about the resilience of the human spirit and drives me to continue this career path. I truly love my work!

So, a little about me and why I chose social work. Social work has been my passion since the mid 90s when I completed my BSW at Lock Haven University. I found myself simply drawn to the helping profession. Some may say I elicit an easy and compassionate approach. I want people to feel safe and free of judgement. My goal is to truly understand their struggle or situation and jointly create positive solutions for change.
I’ve experienced my work from many different angles and perspectives. I have met with individuals, children and families in their homes , in the community, in shelters, in hospitals, in treatment centers and offices. Each of us from different walks of life , an array of experiences that have shaped us ,yet the same commonality and need for a listening ear or yearn for feedback on a challenging life circumstance .

As Brene Brown states, the courage to “be vulnerable “or to “show up,”  the confidence that each individual has to walk into therapy ready to expose themselves emotionally, now that deserves a stand-up ovation! Everyone has a lesson to teach or a story to tell…my hope is that I will be able to assist even in the smallest way to navigate a path for wellness or to feeling whole again.

So along my journey, I felt compelled to go further with my education after working in the field for many years. I completed my MSW at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2007 and immediately pursued my clinical license. I wanted to go all the way and so I accomplished that goal after a long three-year program. Of course it was worth it!

I look forward to meeting you as well as having the access to post on interesting topics or innovative therapeutic interventions!
While I’m away from ITA, you can catch me at the beach, reading, or spending time with my husband and three children.